Social emergency economic benefits for families in Barcelona with children and/or adolescents under 16 years of age in a situation of vulnerability

The purpose of this fund is to alleviate the situation of vulnerability of families with children and/or adolescents between 0 and 16 years of age in need, so that the financial situation of the family unit allows them to cover their basic living needs.

Beneficiaries must be users of Social Services with an open file between 1 January and 31 December 2023, with children under 16 years of age in their care and attended during the year 2023 by Social Services Centres (CSS).

The granting of benefits under this fund is voluntary and temporary and does not give rise to any entitlement to other aid or benefits in subsequent years.


Age: From 0 to 16 years of age. The benefits are aimed at children and/or adolescents born on or after January 1, 2008, and up to the date of submission of the application

Registration in the municipal register: Yes. Applicants for the benefit and children and/or adolescents must be registered, continuously, in Barcelona city on 1 January 2023 and be effectively resident from that date until the last day of the application period.

Exceptionally, interruptions in the aforementioned registration will be accepted when, having effectively resided in Barcelona, the following occur:

  • A gap in the municipal register of residents as long as it does not exceed the maximum period of 2 months.
  • A gap in the municipal register of residents during the year 2023-2024 due to an unstable housing situation.

Necessary documentation: DNI (Spanish national identity document), NIE (identity number for foreign nationals), passport.

Income: The family unit must have a personal disposable income that does not exceed a maximum income determined by the income indicator corresponding to 1.7 times the IRSC*, as shown in the following table:

Members of the family unit (**)

Level of income (***)




















(*) The income sufficiency indicator for Catalonia. It is currently €9,069.83 per year.
(**) The family unit is considered to consist of the applicant, the spouse or unmarried partner and children and/or adolescents under 25 years of age. There must be effective cohabitation of the members of the family unit from January 1st 2023 until the last day of the application period. In the case of joint custody, the benefit will be divided between both parents provided that the requirements are met.
(***) For the calculation of income, the gross income for the year 2022 of the applicant and, if applicable, of the spouse or common-law partner will be taken into account (gross income corresponding to the general personal income tax base or the head of allocations provided by the Tax Agency (AEAT), or, failing this, the income for the year 2022 declared by the applicant on the benefit acceptance form).

The receipt of this benefit may be compatible with the receipt of other emergency financial support which, on the basis of the corresponding professional assessment, is determined to be granted to cover a basic need.

It will also be compatible with the receipt of the Guaranteed Citizen’s Income and the Minimum Living Income.

Amount and frequency:

The benefit will be paid in several instalments. The number of payments and the planned timetable will be published on the Barcelona City Council social services website ( once the resolution has been published.

Payment of the benefit will be made by adding the corresponding amount to the Barcelona Solidarity Card in the name of the beneficiary of the benefit.

The Fund entails the following amounts:

No. of children/
adolescents in family nucleus


1 600 €


1,050 €


1,350 €


1,650 €


1,950 €


2,250 €


2,550 €


2,850 €


3,150 €


3,450 €


In the case of single-parent families, a supplementary allowance of 600 euros will be added.