Featured grants

Bo Social Elèctric

Updated - December 2023
The social discount rate for electricity is a discount applied by regulated market energy suppliers on the electricity bill.

Targeta Rosa metropolitana

Updated - May 2023
Social benefit that facilitates a whole series of discounts and advantages in a large number of establishments and entities -both in Barcelona and in the metropolitan area-, in the use of public transport in the city, and in many services and products interest.

Renda garantida de ciutadania (RGC)

Updated - March 2024
Social benefit through which the minimum requirements for a dignified life are ensured to people and family units in a situation of poverty.

Renda activa d’inserció

Updated - February 2024
Financial support for unemployed people in a situation of economic need and with serious difficulties to re-enter the labour market.

Programa Respir Plus

Updated - November 2023
This is a financial support programme aimed at improving the quality of life of dependent elderly people who require continuous support to carry out the basic activities of daily living.

Ingrés Mínim Vital (IMV)

Updated - February 2024
The Minimum Living Income is a benefit aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion of people who live alone or are integrated into a household and lack basic economic resources to cover their basic needs.

Bo social tèrmic

Updated - December 2023
The social discount rate for energy is a form of financial aid for vulnerable people, so that they can meet the costs of energy for thermal uses.

Títol de família monoparental

Updated - Abril 2024
Status awarded to families consisting of one or more children under the age of 21, or under the age of 26 if they are studying, who live together and are financially dependent on a single person.

Títol de família nombrosa

Updated - October 2023
This certificate entitles the holder to the status of large family and allows him/her to enjoy advantages with various institutions, entities and commercial establishments

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