Respir Plus programme

This is a financial support programme aimed at improving the quality of life of dependent elderly people who require continuous support to carry out the basic activities of daily living. It also provides a break for their carers.

These subsidies may cover all or part of the cost of limited temporary stays in private residential homes for the elderly, or the temporary provision of private home care services for the elderly.


The following requirements refer to the applicant (not to the carer):

- Age: Be 65 years of age or older (exceptionally, between 60 and 65 years of age, as long as the rest of the compulsory requirements to enjoy the service are met).

- Registration in the municipal register: To be registered as a resident of Barcelona city continuously for the five years prior to the date of submission of the application.

- Income: Below is the table of maximum annual income thresholds for the applicant to be eligible for the benefit, depending on whether or not they can prove they have dependents (disabled or not).

The income thresholds in the table refer only to the applicant’s income:

No. of dependants in the family nucleus (1)

No. of people with disabilities in the family nucleus (2)

Applicant’s minimum* annual income threshold

Applicant’s maximum* annual income threshold







€12,244.27 €40,814.23



€12,244.27 €40,814.23



€18,593.15 €47,163.11 



€21,314.10 €49,884.06 



€21,314.10 €49,884.06 



€24,942.03 €53,511.99



€27,662.98 €56,232.94

(*) Table prepared with the sufficiency income indicator [IRSC] for the year 2024 (€9,069.83 per year).

(1) The following shall be considered as dependants in the family nucleus:

- The spouse or cohabiting partner.

- Ascendants over 65 years of age.

- Descendants or persons related through guardianship or foster care who are under 25 or over 25 years of age and have a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%. .

In any of the above-mentioned situations, the person must live with the user, and must have no income, or this income must be equal to or less than the IRSC (Catalan Income Sufficiency Indicator for the year 2024 = €9,069.83/year).

(2) Persons with a certified disability of 33% or more.

The minimum threshold of ineligible income will be determined by the following assumptions:

  • 35% of the Catalan Income Sufficiency Indicator (IRSC) in force at the time of publication of these rules, in the case of users without dependants.

  • For users with a dependant, the same criteria as in the previous point will be maintained, as well as a coefficient of 1.0 for the dependant.

  • For users with more than one dependant, the same criteria indicated in the previous points will be maintained, as well as a coefficient of 0.7 for each dependant, starting with the second dependant. If any of these dependants has a disability certificate, the coefficient to be maintained will always be 1.0.

- Dependency: Applicants must have a recognised degree of dependency (Grade II or Grade III) at the time of application.

If the person does not have Grade II or III status and is a user of social services, the technical team of the Department of Residential and Day Care and Housing Alternatives for the Elderly of the Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSS) will have to issue a social report assessing the need for support.

If the person does not have Grade II or III status and is not a user of basic social services, the need for support must be stated in a medical report issued by a primary care or specialised care doctor in the public health system.

- Amount:

The programme entitles the beneficiary to a one-off financial subsidy for the payment of private support services, either for a temporary stay in a residential centre or for a private home care service:

a) Temporary stay in a residential centre for the elderly located in Catalonia, registered in the Register of Social Entities, Services and Establishments (RESES), chosen by the applicant:

  • The residential stay will take place during the year 2024 until 5 December, and will have a MAXIMUM duration of:

- 45 calendar days if the applicant can prove that he/she is cohabiting with the carer at the time of application.

- 30 calendar days if the applicant does NOT prove cohabitation.

  • The amount of the benefit shall be a MAXIMUM of 75 euros/day and a MINIMUM of 7.5 euros/day.

  • This amount shall be determined on the basis of the applicant’s disposable income and the number of days requested, according to the following formula:

Price/day (euros) =( (€31,744.40 €- Base Income )/423.2587 ) + 7.50

Examples (applicants without dependents):
Annual income = 0 euros         Price/day = 75 euros (maximum amount) 
Annual income = 3,174 euros         Price/day = 75 euros (maximum amount)
Annual income = 5,000 euros         Price/day = 70.69 euros

b) Private home care service registered in the Register of Social Entities, Services and Establishments (RESES):

  • The service will be provided only in the habitual place of residence stated in the application.

  • The benefit may be granted for a MAXIMUM of 186 hours/year, to be taken during the year 2024 until 5 December, for a MAXIMUM amount of €18/hour and a MINIMUM of €1.8/day

  • • The amount of the price/hour will be determined according to the level of disposable income of the applicant and the number of hours requested, in accordance with the following formula:

Hourly rate (euros) = ((€31,744.4 - Base Income)/1763.5778) + 1.8


Examples (applicants without dependents):

Annual income = 10,000 euros         Price/day = 58.87 euros
Annual income = 20,000 euros         Price/day = 35.25 euros
Annual income = 25,000 euros         Price/day = 23.43 euros
Annual income = 31,744 euros         Price/day = 7.5 euros
Annual income = 32,000 euros         Price/day = 0 euros

For more information: 

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Barcelona City Council


Those people who need advice to be able to submit the application for financial aid or who require specific support for the management of the benefit granted (search for a resource, doubts regarding justification, incidents that need to be reported to the managing body, etc.) may contact: the Social and Economic Benefits Office of the Municipal Institute of Social Services by appointment.
They can also contact, in person or by telephone, the information and guidance centre for carers Barcelona Cuida, or the Espais VilaVeïna in the city.
- Documentation required to process the application: The application for the benefit and the tax return for the previous calendar year must be submitted.
In addition, when the private support requested is the home care service, proof of cohabitation between the carer and the applicant must be provided and verified by the IMSS:
- If this is proven, the benefit will cover a maximum stay of 45 days in a residential centre.
- If not proven, the benefit will cover a maximum of 30 days in a residential centre.