Guaranteed Citizenship Income (RGC)

The Guaranteed Citizenship Income (RGC) is the social benefit through which the minimum requirements for a dignified life are ensured to people and family units in a situation of poverty, in order to promote their autonomy and active participation in society. This is a social benefit of a financial nature and is paid periodically. 

The Guaranteed Citizenship Income (RGC) is a subjective right and consists of two financial benefits:

  1. A guaranteed, unconditional benefit, subject to statutory requirements.
  2. A supplementary activation and insertion benefit, conditional on the commitment to a social inclusion or labour market insertion plan, which aims to overcome the conditions leading to the need for the benefit.

Important: To access the RGC it is necessary to present the supporting documentation of having applied for the Minimum Vital Income at the National Institute of Social Security.


 - Age

  • Be over 23 years of age. 
  • Be over 18 years old if they are in any of the following situations:
    • Having minors or people with disabilities in their care.
    • Be orphaned by both parents.
    • Have been victims of gender violence in the home.

Be a person at social risk, as accredited by a mandatory technical report. A person at social risk is understood to be someone who finds themselves in a situation that severely limits their personal autonomy and social integration, derived from socio-economic, family and community environments that are particularly conflictive or full of deficiencies.

- Registration in the municipal register: Yes, with continuous and effective residence in Catalonia during the 24 months immediately prior to the submission of the application. Except in the following cases: 

  • Women who have a residence permit for family reunification and lose it as a result of divorce or separation.
  • Returned Catalan migrants.
  • Women who are victims of sexist violence who come from other autonomous communities: they do not have to provide proof of residence time.
  • Refugees and people seeking international protection: they must prove 12 months of residence

- Necessary documentation:

DNI (Spanish national identity document), NIE (identity number for foreign nationals), passport and identification number of the other members of the family unit.

- Employment status: 

Not working, except in the following cases: 

  • Single-parent families with dependent children.
  • Large families.
  • Families where the working person is over 55 years old and long-term unemployed.

In all cases, you must not have given up a job in the last 12 months. The RGC may be combined with a part-time contract.

- Income

Have an income below 100% of the income sufficiency indicator for Catalonia during the two months prior to applying. In 2023, the income threshold is 717.10 euros per month over twelve payments. The Guaranteed Citizenship Income (RGC) can only be received if all the members of the family unit do not exceed the following incomes:

Family unit Gross income/month
 One person  755.82 €
 Two people  1,133.73 €
 Three people  1,247.10 €
 Four people  1,360.47 €
 Five people or more  1,375.59 €


The RGC can supplement unemployment benefits or allowances as long as the income from these items does not exceed the amounts indicated in the table.

Wealth: In order to receive the RGC, you cannot have any assets other than your habitual residence and assets that facilitate basic transport.

Persons over 18 years of age who are victims of gender violence in the home are entitled to the RGC, if they meet the rest of the requirements.  


- Be a beneficiary of a permanent residential service (social, health or socio-health). Exception: following a work agreement linked to a process of emancipation and empowerment, with provision for leaving the residential service before 12 months.

- Being interned in a penitentiary.  

- Have the right to receive a compensatory pension or alimony for the sons/daughters and not have filed a judicial claim. 

- Not having received in the last 5 years an improper benefit that has generated a debt that the holder must return to the Administration. Exception: certify that the debt has been accepted.

- Are RGC and IMV compatible? If the requirements are met, the two benefits complement each other. For example, if a person living alone is entitled to both the MVI (604,21 euros) and the RGC (755,82 euros), once both benefits are granted, he/she will receive 604,21 for the MVI plus a supplement of 151,61 for the RGC. In total, this will amount to a total of 755,82 euros per month..

Amount and frequency

The current RGC amounts are as follows:

Family unit Amount of the GCR*
 One person  755.82 €
 Two people  1,133.73 €
 Three people  1,247.10 €
 Four people  1,360.47 €
 Five people or more  1,375.59 €

(*) The monthly amounts of this financial support are fixed on the basis of the Catalan Income Sufficiency Indicator (IRSC) for the current year: 100% of the IRSC for family units of one person, 150% for family units of two people, 165% for family units of three people, 180% for family units of four people, and 182% for family units of five or more people.

The amounts correspond to the guaranteed + supplementary insertion benefit (170,75 € / mes), conditional on the signature and fulfilment of a social inclusion or labour insertion plan.