Special Public Transport Service for people with disabilities

The Special Public Transport Service provides door-to-door travel by taxi or adapted bus for people with disabilities that have severely impaired mobility.

This special public transport service is provided to people suffering from severely impaired mobility when there is no adapted public transport service for the journey they need to make.

There are two types of services:

This service cannot be used to take users to healthcare facilities or schools, as these journeys are already served by other public services.

  • Fixed services: these have a fixed and recurring timetable and start and end points that can be scheduled in advance
  • Occasional services: these do not have a fixed and repeated timetable and start and end points and cannot be easily scheduled in advance

- Registration in the municipal register: Applicants must be registered as residents of Barcelona.
- Necessary documentation

  • Spanish national identity document (DNI) / identity number for foreign nationals / Passport of the user of the service.
  • Certificate of recognition of disability or disability certification card issued by the Catalan Institute of Assistance and Social Services (ICASS) showing that the holder's mobility reduction is above the threshold.
  • Having been declared by the City Council to be entitled to this service: people registered as residents of Barcelona must apply for a White Card at any Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC).

(*) Please note in relation to the White Card: This card, which was the physical proof of entitlement to the Special Transport Service, was discontinued in September 2022. In view of this, users of the service can use their DNI or user number to prove their entitlement. Users who still have a White Card do not need to do anything further.

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Fixed services: These can be applied for at any time. Once the service has been granted, it must be renewed every year. The renewal period is between 1 April and 15 May.
Occasional services: These must be applied for two business days in advance.