Rent payment subsidies for persons aged between 36 and 64

Subsidies to facilitate access to and permanence in rented or leased housing or accommodation for sectors of the population at risk of social exclusion.


- Age: Be between 36 and 64 years of age at the time of the call for applications.

- Registration in the municipal register: Yes, at the time of application.

Legal residence: Yes. It is mandatory to have a residence permit in Spain proved with a residence authorization

- Necessary documentation: Spanish national identity document (DNI), valid certificate of registration as an EU national, identity number for foreign nationals (NIE), valid identity card for foreign nationals (TIE), document stating where a registered individual lives and with whom, family book. The applicant must be a legal resident in Catalonia.

- Employment status: Have had a regular source of income in 2021.

- Income: Be at risk of social exclusion as defined in Article 72 of Law 18/2007, of 28 December, and have a regular source of income that provides an annual income for the household equal to or less than 3.05 times the Income Sufficiency Indicator (IRSC), except in the case of victims of terrorism.

The annual household income must be less than or equal to €24,30.58 €

In no case may the income of the household be less than the rent of the dwelling.

- Wealth: In order to receive the subsidies, the person who signed the lease or any other member of the household cannot be the owner or usufructuary of a dwelling located in Spanish territory, unless they do not have use of it due to separation or divorce or for any reason beyond their control, or when the dwelling is inaccessible due to the disability of the lease holder or of any member of the household. A person is not considered to be the owner or usufructuary of a dwelling if the right is only over an aliquot part of the dwelling and has been obtained by transmission mortis causa.

Nor can households receive the subsidies when the amount of the taxable savings base shown in the personal income tax return (IRPF) is more than 500 euros (unless it is the result of a dation in payment as a result of a foreclosure of a home that has been the applicant’s habitual residence).

- Recognised disability/Dependency: Priority is given to applicants who form part of a household with a member with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%.

- Victim of gender-based violence: Priority is given to and value is placed on whether any member of the household is a victim of gender-based violence.

In cases of gender violence, only the income or personal income of the applicant will be taken into account, and in the case of renting or cession of a room, the income of other persons who have their habitual or permanent residence in the dwelling will not be included, and only the income of the tenant or assignee of the room will be taken into account.

- Housing situation: Be the holder, as the tenant, of the lease for the dwelling or room, or, as the assignee, of the lease for the cession of use of the dwelling or room, which is the object of the subsidy that constitutes their habitual and permanent residence in the territory of Catalonia, and be registered in the census of Catalonia.

- Other requirements:

- Not pay a monthly rent or cession price for the dwelling or room that exceeds the following amounts:

In the case of housing:

Territory Maximum monthly rent
Barcelona city 900 €
 Barcelona Metropolitan Area*  900 €
 Rest of the Barcelona Province  650 €
 Girona Province 650 €
 Tarragona Province 600 €
 Lleida Province 600 €
 Les Terres de l’Ebre 600 €

*Barcelona Metropolitan Area* Baix Llobregat, Barcelonès, Maresme, Vallès Occidental, Vallès Oriental.

For large families, single-parent families and for households with a member with a legally recognised disability and a favourable mobility scale, this maximum amount will be 900 euros throughout Catalonia.

In the case of a room:

Territory Maximum monthly rent
Barcelona city 450 €
 Barcelona Metropolitan Area* 450 €
 Rest of Barcelona Metropolitan Area  350 €
 Girona Province 350 €
 Tarragona Province 300 €
 Demarcació de Lleida 300 €
 Lleida Province 300 €

*Barcelona Metropolitan Area* Baix Llobregat, Barcelonès, Maresme, Vallès Occidental, Vallès Oriental.


For households in which there is a member with a disability or recognised reduced mobility, the maximum monthly rent can be up to 900 euros

- It is not possible to apply for subsidies if you are not up to date with your rent at the time of application (or provide proof of payment of at least three receipts). 

- Subsidies cannot be received if the household in which the person holding the contract or any other member is related by marriage or any other similar stable relationship, by blood, adoption or affinity up to the second degree, with the lessors.

- Subsidies are not available to tenants of housing managed or administered by the Catalan Housing Agency, either directly or through other public administrations or non-profit organisations.

- It is mandatory to meet your tax obligations from the State of Spain, Generalitat de Catalunya and Social Security


These subsidies are incompatible with perceiving other subsidies from other public Administrations or public or private entities for the same monthly amount in the same year and with the same end. In the case of compatible subsidies, the total amount of them on a year basis cannot be more than € 4,500

Amount and frequency

This subsidy is based on a one-time payment that subsidises the yearly rent of the call’s year. With a minimum amount of 240€ and a maximum of €2,400, the amount will be:

  • 20% of the rent or cession of use amount when the amount to pay the rent or cession of use is less than or equals 30% of the income
  • 30% of the rent or cession of use amount when the amount to pay the rent or cession of use is more than 30% and less than 40% of the income
  • 40% of the rent or cession of use amount when the amount to pay the rent or cession of use represents more than 40% of the income