: T-Jove: Public transport card for people under the age of 30

The T-Jove card is a personal, non-transferable card for people under 30, with a limited number of integrated journeys in 90 consecutive days within Barcelona ATM’s area of 6 integrated-fare system travel zones for all means of public transport.

The T-Jove can only be used with the new T-Mobilitat format. 


Age: 16-29 years old.

Registration in the municipal register: Yes. In one of the 296 municipalities of the integrated fare system.  

Necessary documentation: DNI (Spanish national identity document), NIE (identity number for foreign nationals), passport or family book (health card in the case of 
trans minors*).

The T-Jove costs €42.70 and must be loaded onto a T-Mobility card. It is valid for three months.  

The cost of a T-Jove card is lower for members of a single-parent family [FM in Catalan] or a large family [FN in Catalan]: 

  • General FM/FN T-Jove: €34.15
  • Special FM/FN T-Jove: €21.35

These conditions must be accredited with a large family or single-parent family document from Catalonia or the rest of Spain.  

The T-Mobility card, which you need to load the T-Jove, costs €4.50. If you don’t lose the card, and it works correctly, you will only have to pay the €4.50 once.

The price of the T-Jove card is equivalent to a 33.3% discount on the cost of a 1-zone, T-Usual card (€21.35). 

In the case of the General T-Jove FM/FN and the Special T-Jove FM/FN, the discounts are equivalent to 46.6% and 66.6%, respectively.