T-16: Public transport card for children aged 4 to 16

The T-16 card is a transport ticket for children from the age of 4 until 31 December of the year in which they turn 16 that allows them to make an unlimited number of journeys free of charge on the public transport network of the integrated fare system, within the same fare zone where the child resides.

The T-16 card is a T-mobility card independent of the general card, which is explicitly identified by the nomenclature “T-16” on the card, and to which no other fare options than the T-16 can be charged.

From January 16, 2024, the T-16 can only be used with the new T-mobilitat format.

  • Age: 4-16 years (from the age of 4 until 31 December of the year of turning 16).
  • Registration in the municipal register: Yes. In one of the 296 municipalities of the integrated fare system.  
  • Necessary documentation: DNI (Spanish national identity document), NIE (identity number for foreign nationals), passport or Family book (health card in the case of
    trans minors*).