Metropolitan Pink Card

The Tarjeta rosa metropolitana is a personal, non-transferable, social fare transport ticket that can be used to travel free of charge or at a reduced fare on public transport services operating in fare zone 1 of the integrated fare system. 

There are two types: Free Metropolitan Pink Card or reduced fare Metropolitan Pink Card.

The reduced fare metropolitan pink card is proof of entitlement to purchase the T-4 cards, which allow the user you to validate their ticket for each journey made on the public transport network in fare zone 1 of the integrated system (allows for transfers).


- Age: 60 years and over. Except in the case of persons with a disability of 33% or more.

- Registration in the municipal register: Yes.

- Necessary documentation: DNI (Spanish national identity document) or NIE (identity number for foreign nationals). 

- Income:

You must have a gross annual income from all sources (pensions, benefits, income, etc.) equal to or less than €9,240.00 to be eligible for the free Metropolitan Pink Card, or equal to or less than double the same amount (€18,480.00) to be eligible for the reduced-rate Metropolitan Pink Card.

The applicant’s income is the result of dividing the joint income of the family unit to which he/she belongs by the number of family members:

Members of the family unit

Free card
Income level(*)

Reduced fare card
Income level(**)
1 9,240.00 € 18,480.00 €
2 18,480.00 € 36,960.00 €
3 27,720.00 € 55,440.00 €
4 36,960.00 € 73,920.00 €


(*) The two spouses and children under 18 years of age are considered members of the family unit. More information
(**) The level of income is that corresponding to the last income tax return, joint or individual (in the event of not having done so, a negative income tax certificate will be presented, which includes the tax charges registered with the Tax Authorities). The income thresholds are calculated in relation to the Multiple-Effect Public Income Indicator (IPREM) plus 10%. The IPREM in 2023 is 8,400 euros per year. 

-Recognised disability: To obtain the Metropolitan pink card on the grounds of disability, you must be in possession of a disability recognition certificate equal to or greater than 33% from the Catalan Institute of Social Assistance and Services (ICASS) of the Government of Catalonia. More information